Wow — this is an incredible story of heroism and courage. While we were enjoying family and friends at our super-spreader Thanksgiving celebration, New Jersey police officers were on patrol to save lives. No, not busting up your celebration. The cops are with us on the absurdity of that! They were patrolling to make sure that if you needed help, someone would be there to provide it for you and your family.

Around 8:30 p.m. Thanksgiving night, officers were dispatched to an overturned vehicle in Monroe Township. Police officer Douglas Perrone was the first to arrive. He saw a vehicle engulfed in flames with the driver still inside. Without hesitation, he tried to extinguish the flames and then, realizing the driver was trapped, he entered the burning vehicle and pulled the driver to safety. The officer was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. He's gonna be fine.

What an incredible example of a police officer literally putting his own life in danger to save a complete stranger. It takes a special kind of person to have the training and guts to get into a burning vehicle to save someone. Officer Perrone is a shining example of the very best among our New Jersey police officers. Thank you, officer. Your courage is an inspiration.

Here's an excerpt from the Monroe Township Police Department Facebook page:

On Thanksgiving night at approximately 8:38pm Monroe Twp. Police Officers, Monroe Twp. First Aid Squad, and Monroe Twp. Fire Department were dispatched to Pergola Ave. near the intersection with Namsan Dr. for a report of an overturned vehicle in the middle of the roadway, fully engulfed in flames, and the driver was trapped inside the vehicle.
Officer Douglas Perrone arrived on scene minutes later and attempted to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher. Officer Perrone then put his own life at risk and climbed inside of the burning vehicle and was able to pull the driver from the vehicle. At this time Monroe Twp. Volunteer Fire Company #1 Deputy Chief Lonnie Pipero arrived on scene and assisted Officer Perrone with the rescue. The 30-year-old male driver was then transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital by Monroe Twp. First Aid Squad in serious condition due to internal injuries. Officer Perrone was also taken to the hospital due to smoke inhalation. Officer Perrone was treated and released. Monroe Twp. Volunteer Fire Company #1 was able to quickly extinguish the fire. - Monroe Township Police Department Facebook Page

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