$18,719 per semester. Check.

$5,000 per semester per single room in Elmwood Hall. Check.

Crawling with mice. Check.

How would you like to pay this kind of money and have to live with potentially disease carrying rodents? That's exactly what's going on at a dorm at Monmouth University, and students there are livid. It's being reported by app.com that a lack of communication from the high ups involved is frustrating many.

Not so says Patricia Swannack, vice president of administrative services. She says exterminators have been there. In a statement Swannack said, "We remain diligent in educating our students and staff on the importance of proper food disposal and elimination of clutter."

So is she blaming the students? Sounds like it to me. Meanwhile the students have taken to setting up their own traps since they clearly feel whatever the school has done has been inadequate.

All I know is if I'm being buried alive in student debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars per year the least I would expect is a rodent free place to sleep. This is a disgusting problem that the university needs to fix yesterday.

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