This video is going to be hard to watch.

It captures a home invasion by an intruder hell bent on finding jewelry and other valuables from the young mother of a 3 year old; who is watching the whole time her mother is being beaten.

It’s hard to watch, but the victim wants everyone to see it so that the low-life will be caught and brought to justice.

Check it out for yourself, but be warned; the images are graphic.

According to this:

A brutal mid-morning New Jersey home invasion, complete with an assault and robbery, was caught on tape when the homeowner's nanny camera recorded the incident.

The woman's 3-year-old daughter sat on the couch during the ordeal, helpless as her mother suffered a vicious beating at the hands of the 5-foot-11, 210-pound suspect.
Police say the hefty black male, who had a salt-and-pepper beard, took off with an undetermined amount of jewelry following the 10:30 a.m. attack Friday in Millburn.

The woman's 18-month-old toddler reportedly slept upstairs during the beating, Capt. Michael Palardy told the Daily News.

The chilling video captured the entire midday attack. The brazen assailant entered the home while mother and daughter watched cartoons on the couch. Palardy said the woman heard a noise and went to investigate.

“That was the back door being kicked down,” he said. “He bombards her and starts wailing away.”

The suspect throws the woman down, punches her several times in the face before picking her up and throwing her down. He goes upstairs to ransack the bedroom and as he returns, kicks the woman in the face as she struggles to regain her feet.
In one version of the tape, which includes the audio of the incident, the suspect can be heard asking the woman "Where your pocketbook at?" as she moans.

“He’s a lefty, every punch and kick was lefty,” Palardy said of the southpaw suspect. “He believed no one was home, and when he came across someone, his reactions were violent.

“There was no reason for it, she would have given him anything he wanted,” Palardy said.

In his final sickening act, the man drags the woman toward the basement steps. The terrified young girl can only watch as the man throws her mother down the steps, then walks toward the front door and takes off after robbing her. The suspect never touches the little girl.

The stunning, midday attack is so shocking because of how safe a town it is, Palardy said. A police officer lives on Cypress Street, the very same street as the attack and which receives a heavy police presence because of its proximity to three different towns.

“It’s a bedroom community,” Palardy said. “People move here because it’s a safe town.”

Police said the man made off with the woman's wedding ring among other stolen items. The woman was treated at the hospital for leg and face injuries suffered at the man's hands. She was released over the weekend.

The nanny cam, which Palardy said was sitting undisguised on the fireplace mantel, may have been used as a child monitoring device. The family asked police to release the footage to the public, Palardy said.

“They wanted to show how violent this person is because they want him caught as much as we do,” Palardy said. “And we’re not going to sleep until this guy is caught.”

Thankfully she’s ok, physically; but you never know the emotional scars left on her, her daughter, and her husband who probably feels guilty that he wasn’t around to stop this beast!

The question arises in a case like this: “What Would You Do?”; but I think the answers will be obvious.

Something like “form a posse and shoot the bastard on sight!”

There are probably others you could come up with.

What would you do if your home were invaded?