If you're going to be a talk show host, you'd love to have what you say heard around the world. Governor Christie's put down of the Phillies on Sports New York is at least being heard around the country as far away as Los Angeles.

Millville's own Mike Trout, who plays for the Los Angeles Angels and is a huge Philadelphia sports fan, fired back at the governor during a Saturday press conference. Talking to Jerry Krasnick of ESPN, the five-time All-Star said that "As an Eagles fan, we're passionate about the team and we want them to win and to do good. In sports in general, [Phillies fans] love their teams."

Trout went on to comment on Christie's allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys.

"I think he's a Cowboys fan, right? I was sorry to hear that," Trout said.

There has been speculation that the governor, who's been filling in on sports talk radio, may want to pursue the field when his term runs out.

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