I’m not the worst person in the world but I’m far from the best. When I was a kid I was always hustling doing things like lemonade stands, ice cream stands, backyard carnivals, etc. But unlike a perfect angel in the form of a little girl named Reece I was making money for myself. The most charitable thing I did with it one summer was treat my family to a day at Seaside Heights with more than $100 I had made. Usually it would go to games, monster models, yellow explosive caps for my toy gun, etc.

But when 6-year-old Reece Tobias told her parents she wanted to have a lemonade stand, this was no selfish pursuit. Her dad was asked to build her the stand. He did. What did she want to do with the money? Donate it to sick children to buy them toys to play with in the hospital.

She sets up for business around Point Pleasant in a different location every Saturday. The video from NJ.com shows how seriously she takes her business. She’s wearing gloves, she’s wearing a mask and she uses tongs to put straws in drinks.

How much has she raised so far?

More than $2,000.

Amazing kid, and so are the grownups helping her help others. Dad says some people have given as much as $50. The Point Pleasant Borough local PBA 158 brought a big oversized check to Reece for $500. And lemons used for her lemonade are being donated by Nature's Reward Farm Market in Point Pleasant. Because the Tobias family has known parents whose children were cared for at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that’s where the donations are going.

If you’re anywhere around Point Pleasant on a Saturday and see this adorable 6-year-old girl working her lemonade stand please pay her a visit and help out. It’s people like her and her family that make New Jersey the great and special place that it is. Way to go, Reece!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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