Behold the MINI Cooper Countryman. I'm sure it's fun to drive. I'm sure it has some amazing features. But I noticed something peculiar when one was in front of me in traffic recently. Please tell me if you notice the same thing.

First of all, here's what the back end looks like.

Jeff Deminski photo

I'm no car designer, and I'm not sure what they were going for here. Were they going for some half starburst design? Some ancient hieroglyph? Not sure. But does anyone see an inherent problem with this?

No? Take a look when the right blinker turns on.

Jeff Deminski photo

So these three lines that make up this turn signal. What does it resemble? An arrow, right? Even if that's not what they intended (and again I have no idea what was intended), I think most human minds will see this arrangement as an arrow. So if this looks to us like an arrow, which way does it look like it's pointing?

Exactly. Right turn with a right turn signal that resembles an arrow turning left.

For fun let's try it the other way!

Jeff Deminski photo

There you go! Left turn signal that resembles an arrow turning right.

Now I'm not saying there's going to be mass carnage on the highways with everyone misunderstanding the signal. Just saying sooner or later someone paying partial attention is going to get confused. Just saying I don't know why they would design a turn signal that could resemble an arrow pointing to the opposite direction of the turn.

Funny thing is the person driving this car maybe has no idea they look like this. After all, when you buy a car are you really studying the turn signals? No, you drive a car from the inside, not looking at such things. Funnier still, what if this is the only one like it? What if all the other MINI Cooper Countrymans have the arrow lights pointing the right way and this was just the result of a guy on the assembly line who was recovering from a bachelor party the night before?

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