Ok, so let's review from last night!


I brought up the subject of another medical marijuana facility being proposed…this time in Jackson. Would you have a problem if one were being proposed for where you live? (Vote below!)


And the answers didnt surprise me.

While most didn't have a problem with one, there were a few objections that stood out. For instance, a caller who was afraid her property values would go down if such a facility were to be launched near her.

The last one proposed, in Upper Freehold, as I remember, was to have limited access, and be located in a very remote part of the township....away from the general public.

Another questioned who would be on the hook for securing the facility....township police perhaps?
I referred them to the business administrator of the township....one Jose "Joey" Torres.

Still another was concerned of the possible infiltration by Mexican drug lords.


The grade of marijuana grown here wouldn't have nearly the concentration of THC you'd find in street level marijuana.

The law stipulates that it would have to cultivated in the state under strict guidelines, and be dispensed in such a way so as to not mimic the medical marijuana programs now in effect in Colorado or California.

And yes, while marijuana still is classified as a Controlled Dangerous Substance by the Federal Government, Attorney General Holder has given a "blind eye" to those communities that have allowed the facilities to exist.

To those who believe that having either a medical marijuana dispensary or cultivation facility in your town would pose a hazard or worsen a drug problem in your town; stop and think for a minute.

You probably have more danger of there being an all-night drug store in your neighborhood than a medical marijuana facility. The drugs sold in those establishments are legal, not guarded by police, and still get held up on a fairly regular basis.

But they're considered benign because, besides legal prescriptions, they also sell mylar balloons, chocolates, and Hallmark Cards.

So while you cry NIMBY, thousands of people suffering from the debilitating effects of MS, chemotherapy and the like have to find relief any way they can, except for the way that's been proven to work.

But again, please take the poll....would you have a problem with a medical marijuana facility proposed in your town?

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