Jon D’Amore, a Union City native who started life as a professional musician, at 22 found himself involved in a Vegas scam that changed gambling laws in America, became a corporate executive, then moved to Hollywood to become a script doctor and bestselling author.

He released his 6th book "Me & George" on Feb 22 and will be giving a special reading from it as well as "The Boss Always Sits in The Back" at the Swearen Public Library on Nov. 19 at 1 p.m. Here's the synopsis.


"It’s May, 2022. Thirty-four-year-old award-winning science fiction writer,
Christopher Ferronti is at the top of the world. His next book is a guaranteed hit
months before its released. Movie studios are knocking at his agent’s door. The
author can’t leave his condominium without being recognized.

His twenty-fifth-floor penthouse in Fort Lee, New Jersey, faces the Hudson
River and the magnificent New York City Skyline. He loves women, and they love
him. But it’s creating and writing that makes him the happiest, along with music and
the occasional joint.

Returning from a cross-country drive, Chris encounters a lightning storm
outside of Philadelphia. His life changes when, through science and happenstance, a
lightning bolt strikes Chris’s car, resulting in someone from the late 1700s passing
through time…and winding up in the backseat.

If that isn’t wild enough, it turns out the unsuspecting time traveler is George
Washington, the first president of The United States.

The concerns for them both become…how will Chris continue his social life
and career? How will Chris deal with this new visitor who needs clothes, eyeglasses,
and dentures and wants to meet the current president? How long will George handle
2022? Is he missing in 1789? What will become of Chris’s career and friends? And
what will the author do to prove to everyone he’s not crazy?

He does what every author would do…he writes a book about it.'


Jon spoke about his book on my New Jersey 101.5 radio show

How did you get the idea for Me & George?

"Growing up in North New Jersey, I was exposed to a lot of Revolutionary War sites, names and history. Whether it was at school or seeing monuments, statues, bridges, streets, avenues and boulevards, museums, schools and historic sites…there seemed to be a never-ending amount of references to that era and its people in my area and at that stage of my life. It often made me think about what the well-known figures from that era would think of America and its people some two-hundred-plus years in the future.

When I was taking some classes at Bergen Community College in between touring as a musician, I’d drive past The George Washington Memorial Cemetery, and wonder why it was named that. Upon finding out the answer, it caused me to take my idea to the next step. I began writing what would eventually become my latest book some four decades later."

What does George Washington mean to you?

"In the forty years of researching George, his friends, enemies, women, family, education, military career, goals, sense of humor, and his dedication to the new country, my level of respect for everything he did made writing the story that much easier. The main character, Chris, tells the story of his meeting and then briefly living with George Washington in this current era…and the friendship that grows during their time together.

To me, George Washington was, and still is, a person who we all should emulate in some fashion. The people who’ve been in all of our political offices in the last six decades have lost sight of that, though they all enjoy quoting the Founding Fathers and their particular and unique take on what was written and how it was meant to be understood two-hundred-plus years later."

What would you like the reader to take away from reading the book?

"It would be the same feeling I have for all of my books. I’d like the readers to be entertained, to be enraptured by the primary story and the sub-stories that play out from cover to cover, and I especially want the readers to learn something. My books have historical references, and major news events, and all have musical references throughout them. I dedicate a good percentage of my writing strictly to be educational and entertaining, because we all need to be educated and entertained in order to keep what’s left of our sanity."

To get "Me and George" by Jon D'Amore click here.

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