✅ The tech issues were first detected at locations in Europe, Japan and Australia

✅ All restaurants are connected via a global network, an operator in Denmark said

✅ It is not a cybersecurity issue, according to the company


If your Friday morning routine includes a stop at McDonald's you may want to rethink it.

McDonald's locations and the company's app are experiencing what the company calls a "technology outage" which is being resolved, according to a statement to CNBC. The issue prevented orders from being placed using its app and forced locations to temporarily suspend operations.

The issue was not related to any cybersecurity "event," the restaurant said.

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The issue was first detected at locations outside the United States.

”All McDonald’s restaurants are connected to a global network and that is what’s messed up,” Patrik Hjelte, owner of several McDonald’s restaurants in central Sweden, near the Norwegian border, told local newspaper Nya Wermlands Tidning.

"We thank customers for their patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused," the company said in the statement.

McDonald's has 40,000 locations around the world including over 250 in New Jersey.

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