Mayor Alfonso Cirulli is trying to fight the new New Jersey law that brings an LGBT curriculum into our public schools. The curriculum is slated to begin in the 2020-21 school year. It’s not so much that I fear that this new law which is been forced upon our public schools is indoctrination. (I mean I do believe that, but that is beside the scope of this article.)

Unlike Cirulli, my problem with the curriculum has nothing to do with God. My issue is this: I really don’t understand why we’ve chosen that community to highlight over any other. I just don’t understand why LGBT history is more integral to a student’s basic and broad world knowledge than, say, the contributions of obese people to society or little people— or those of Jews or freemasons, or those with alopecia. If we are purportedly teaching people that there is no difference between the LGBT community and ours, then why are we highlighting their contributions as more extraordinary than those of say, the Asian community?

Why? Because we are pandering... trying to teach all kids to think a certain way. To love the right things: (people of the same sex, animals, etc), and to hate the right things (Donald Trump, guns, etc) and trying to socially engineer our country into this brilliant utopia that is impossible to achieve. If we want to teach children that human beings within ALL groups are the same, we have to stop singling out groups at all.

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