Gov. Chris Christie and his wife earned nearly $1 million in income in 2014 — with New Jersey First Lady Mary Pat Christie bringing home most of that.

According to tax returns released Friday, Mary Pat Christie made $720,699 last year at the Angelo, Gordon & Co. specialty investment firm — up $245,000 from the year before.

As governor, Mr. Christie makes $175,000 a year, though part of that is invested in a  401(k) retirement fund each year. The Christies also have investments in a blind trust in their names.

"I’ve always been the breadwinner,” Mary Pat Christie said told Bloomberg in 2013. "I really just wanted him to be happy in his career, and he is."

That report also recounts a Montville Speech in which Christie described a conversation with a friend who asked if being out-earned was emasculating.

“I just have three words for you: joint checking account," Gov. Christie said at the time. "That money all lands in the same place, baby."


The Christies also gave about $28,000 to charity, and paid about $400,000 in state and local income taxes, according to the returns.

Mary Pat Christie took a hiatus from her lucrative managing director position in April, before Gov. Christie launched his presidential campaign.

The $970,161 is most the couple have made in combined income since Christie became governor — last year's nearly $700,000 coming in second, with most years hovering a bit above or below $500. All together, they've made more than $3.1 million during the governorship, according to returns going back to 2010.