Even though I never visited Wunder Wiener of Berkeley, I think I’m drawn to this story because of all the summers I spent in Seaside so close by. Berkeley is across the bay, and for many years was the home of Gerald LaCrosse’s hot dog stand called der Wunder Wiener. The cart long sat on an abandoned property on Route 9 that was formerly Beachwood Mall. His food stand was like a local legend.

Until one Monday morning in June of last year when an SUV crashed into his cart with Gerald inside. The irony there is the stand was closed on Mondays and he was usually never there but unfortunately was this day. The business was destroyed and Gerald spent time in a hospital dealing with his injuries and was even on a ventilator for awhile. Now at 75 years old, his shoulder still isn’t right after two replacements.

All that could be enough to make a lesser man not go back to work. Not Gerald LaCrosse.

He’s soon going to be back at it according to JerseyShoreOnline.com. He’s got a new, bigger trailer on the way and is working on utility hookups and business with the Health Department and will soon be ready to re-open der Wunder Wiener.

He doesn’t have an exact date, but the location is going to be a different lot just a bit south from the previous one on the same side of the road and between Blackbeard’s Cave and Fuller’s Marine. Once they open stop by and support this man! He’s been through a lot and would love nothing more than seeing your face through his order window.

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