Each election year there are some polling places that give out a little patriotic sticker that reads ‘I VOTED.’ Some don’t have them. Some people like to wear these all day, and even take pics of themselves with their stickers and post on social media to show they voted. Some whose polling place doesn’t offer them feel put off.

I’ve never cared about proving to others I voted. But many do. In an online poll we took in 2018 only 38% reported receiving one, so that left a majority without and potentially feeling peeved.

This year you’re being asked to mail-in your ballot. For you that means no churches and school buildings and no tables filled with volunteers.

That also means no ‘I VOTED’ stickers.

Along comes Greg Sarafan who started the Voter Sticker Project. Greg remembers his disappointment after not getting a sticker when he moved to and voted in Jersey City. After several more elections and several more times not getting a sticker, he decided he would buy his own. I’ve seen these for less than $20 for a roll of 1,000.

Greg first bought a roll of 500 and soon realized with only one election per year he would forever have a lot left over, unused. That’s when he took to Twitter and the Voter Sticker Project was born.

He tells NJ.com he’s mostly funded it out of his own pocket but he has received donations in the past. This year more than ever people will be missing those stickers with the mail-in voting.

Greg to the rescue.

He will mail you a sticker if you simply ask. He has set up @VoterSticker on Twitter for you to find him. This isn’t just for New Jersey voters by the way. He’s even done a mailing to Hawaii.

How aloha ʻāina of him!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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