MAHWAH — Even though no reports of solicitors have been confirmed, rumors among residents and measures adopted in neighboring municipalities in New York have prompted this township to introduce its own "no-knock" ordinance to protect against unwanted offers to buy homes. reported that more than 200 residents attended a meeting Thursday night — one of them telling council members, "Let's not turn Mahwah into Lakewood." Incidents of real estate agents from that Jersey Shore town knocking on doors, pressuring people to sell their homes to Orthodox Jewish families, have led nearby Brick, Jackson, and Toms River to all tighten their solicitation laws in recent years.

In Mahwah, tension has been growing for months over the increasing Orthodox population, culminating in several instances of vandalism against the religious boundary known as an eruv. But as the report said, no actual solicitations have been verified as of yet in the township.

The ordinance, if adopted, would subject solicitors to background checks, establish a $100 minimum fine for violators, and allow for the creation of a registry of homes that are off-limits.

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