⭕ Alex Williams stabbed his girlfriend with a machete, cops say

⭕ Brianna's Greenwood 3-year-old daughter watched

⭕ She survived for a week after extensive surgery

WALL — Anger and jealousy appear to have driven a man to fatally attack his girlfriend in the parking of her apartment complex parking lot, nearly cutting off her arm.

Alex Williams, 24, of Wall, repeatedly hacked the woman with an ax-like blade at the Glen Oaks apartment complex off Allenwood Road on May 23, causing "multiple significant injuries," Monmouth County Prosecutor Raymond S. Santiago said.

Initially charged with attempted murder, charges were upgraded to first-degree murder after Brianna Greenwood, 29, succumbed to her injuries a week later.

Greenwood had called police on her crazed ex at least once before in just three months earlier, officials say.

According to the criminal complaint and affidavit of probable cause, Williams and Greenwood, who had dated for seven months, argued in the parking lot about their relationship.

"You cheated on me, you cheated on me, you bitch, you cheated on me,” Williams reportedly yelled at Greenwood.

Another resident called 911 as Williams began attacking her with what she thought was a baseball bat.

Police officers found Greenwood sitting against Williams' car. Officers said her left arm appeared to be almost completely severed above the wrist, according to the affidavit. She also had several gashes on her face.

Greenwood's 3-year-old daughter was sitting in her mother's car and witnessed the attack. The machete used in the attack was found lying nearby.

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Entrance to Glen Oaks apartments in Wall Township
Entrance to Glen Oaks apartments in Wall Township (Canva)

“I’m going to be compliant, just come get me"

Police found Williams sitting on a bench within the complex. When an officer asked Williams if he fought with his girlfriend, he repeated the cheating accusation. Before the officers found Williams, he called 911 and told police he “just killed his girl."

“I’m going to be compliant, just come get me," he told the dispatcher.

Earlier in the year

Police were called on Feb. 24 by Greenwood who told police Williams had wrecked her home, stole her phone and stopped her from leaving or calling 911 during a fight. Williams was charged with simple assault, criminal mischief, criminal restraint, theft, and harassment in that incident.

He is being held at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution.

A GoFundMe fundraiser described Greenwood as "a vibrant soul whose life was tragically cut short by a senseless act of violence." She also has an 8-year-old daughter.

Greenwood had 18 hours of surgery after the attack but died a week later on May 30, according to the fundraiser.

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