I was born at the wrong time. My field trips were never like this.

More than 100 students from Henry P. Becton Regional High School are going on one of the coolest field trips ever Friday morning. They'll board buses and head to day one of American Dream and get four hours inside Nickelodeon Universe.

What the hell?

My field trips were things like being ankle deep in a marsh collecting bugs and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. My field trips were things like going to Allaire State Park and watching women wearing period clothing pretending to churn butter. Because it was educational. That's what a field trip had to have 'back in the day.' My best field trip was the overnight one to Washington, D.C.. A lot of fun, an adventure, but still, educational.

Today it seems a lot of kids get to go on field trips that have completely dropped the premise. My son's 8th grade class last year got to go to Hersey Park. This year, they already had a field trip. His first high school field trip? Dorney Park.

Hershey Park! Dorney Park! Are you kidding me? Don't get me wrong. I'm so glad he was able to have some fun and he does very well in school and most definitely deserves it. I'm just a bit jealous this wasn't always the case.

Dario Sforza, Carlstadt/East Rutherford Regional Superintendent, told NJ.com American Dream is waiving the theme park admission for the students on Friday.

"It's as if Walt Disney had invited Orlando high school students to check it out," Sforza said.

That's what's called an analogy. There, we took care of the educational. Now have fun, kids!

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