Gene London has died at 88 years old. That name won’t mean much if you grew up in North Jersey like me. But if you grew up in South Jersey, Gene London was likely a household name.

He hosted a children’s TV show called Cartoon Corners a.k.a. The Gene London Show, which ran from 1959 to 1977. Eighteen years is a long run for any show, and London’s went through a series of changes over its run. The first version had him working in a general store beside a confetti factory working for 3 and 1/2 cents per week for “Old Dibble-Puss” (Mr. Dibley) according to Wikipedia.

The show ran on WCAU channel 10. He was one of the most popular children’s TV hosts in Philadelphia (thus South Jersey) history.

A few things you may not know about Gene London: He was born Eugene Norman Yulish in Cleveland Ohio. After the kids’ show was done he moved to NYC and became a fashion designer. Also, he was gay. In 2016 he married his long-time partner John Thomas.

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