Remember the shocking case of the Sayreville High School locker room? It came to light in 2014. What was incorrectly called hazing was sexual assault and abuse. Butts grabbed. Digital penetration. Despicable conduct that was rumored to have been part of the football locker room culture for years.

When it all came out, many of the students and even parents blamed the “snitches” for telling rather than the scumbags for doing it.

Well, it’s all happening again. The alleged so-called hazing in the Wall locker room involving a broomstick has now resulted in criminal charges. Several players have been charged by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office with hazing, criminal sexual contact and other crimes.

And it’s all a waste of time.

I have no reason to believe justice will be served. No reason to believe this won’t be handled (mishandled) the same way as it was in Sayreville where the cases went to Family Court instead of adult criminal where they morally belonged. Yes, crimes this disgusting should be tried in adult criminal court.

Further, the plea bargains involved where players were given nothing more than a year or two of probation was like raping these victims a second time.

Absolutely no justice was served whatsoever. Other than a canceled Sayreville season and plenty of local whispers, nothing much happened.

Treating sexual crimes as "hazing" or "good-natured kids’ stuff" only sets the stage for more of it to happen elsewhere. As authorities now say it has. In Wall. Where, if found guilty, everyone of these involved should be sitting in a jail cell as long as possible. Maybe they’d even be introduced to some prison “hazing” themselves.

Now that would be justice.

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