Nearly two years of remote and hybrid learning has caused significant learning troubles for New Jersey school kids. Some may never catch up.

At 7 p.m. on Thursday, New Jersey 101.5 will broadcast a special town hall with a panel of educators, behavioral specialists and policymakers to examine how best to deal with pandemic learning loss.

New Jersey 101.5 news anchor Eric Scott and his guests will help parents identify areas where their kids may be struggling, and offer ways to take corrective action.

Deficits are not confined to the classroom. Social anxiety, loss of interpersonal skills and an increase in bullying has been blamed on remote learning.

The program’s on-air expert panel will feature: Mount Olive Schools Superintendent Robert Zywicki; JerseyCan Family Advocate Janellen Duffy; NJ Coalition for Bullying Awareness founder Stuart Green; and College of New Jersey President Kathryn Foster.

Guests will also include Linden public school teacher Monica Goncalves, NJEA President Sean Spiller and New Jersey 101.5 Statehouse Bureau Chief Michael Symons.

Scott and his guests will also answer live, call-in questions from listeners throughout the hour.

In addition to listening live through the free New Jersey 101.5 app, you can watch the town hall and participate in the live chat on our Facebook page.

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