This year's Special Olympics of New Jersey had to scramble and try to come up with a virtual marketing campaign that would encourage participation and raise needed funds for their 25,000 plus participants. Normally we hold the Polar Bear Plunge the third saturday in February at Seaside Heights .

In 2020 we were lucky to squeeze it in before the pandemic. Over 8000 plugers raised a whopping 2.5 million dollars by plunging into the 38 degree waters . A big chunk of that money came from the participation of the New Jersey law enforcement community.

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Each year, different groups of friends, family and coworkers get together and solicit sponsorships for their efforts in plunging into the cold water. With the pandemic still prominent, this year's Polar Bear Plunge was postponed and Special Olympics came out encouraging people to do the plunge on their own with safe distancing and taking necessary precautions. The virtual plunge continues through april 17th.

The Crocs/ Polar Plunge 2021

One of the most prolific teams, that year after year since 2003, has raised significant money for the Special Olympics is the Little Silver Crocs. A group of softball players from Little Silver. After sweltering the summer heat, they committed to cool down in Feb. 2004 by taking the plunge. They combined forces in their first year in Feb. 2004 and raised 22,000 dollars for Special Olympics.

The Crocs/ Polar Plunge 2021

Since then The Crocs have grown to over 50 people and raised over 1.2 million dollars. What an incredible effort! The Pandemic didn't stop them, they got together this weekend and took a scaled down plunge into the 45 degree waters off of Seabright. They have remained steadfast in raising money for Special Olympics New Jersey.


The Crocs/ Polar Plunge 2021


I'm a big fan of the Little Sliver Crocs. It would be very easy just to bag it this year but they understand the importance of providing programs to the Special Olympics New Jersey . Congratulations Little Silver Crocs I remain your biggest fan. You can help Special Olympics New Jersey by donating to .

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