The news today was oh so boring
But one headline was worth exploring

I surfed the web, fact checked my source
Pitchforks and torches with no remorse

Something that could have been better handled
Though he's dead, Dr. Seuss has been canceled

Teachers and parents expressed their concern
About things we would rather not have to learn

It turns out ol’ Seuss comes with some baggage
And his views on race may have done damage

What I say next may make you mad
No one is all good or all bad

Some things he said and published were harmful
Teachers should teach this, and not be impartial

A lesson to students about how times have changed
That views like his are now considered deranged

But one big thing that is also true
Is the impact he had on me and you

Some of his books may be problematic
Those should be burned, or hid in the attic

But the ones that remain that aren't in question
Can still provide kids with a valuable lesson

It turns out rhyming like him is easy
I'd steal his act, but that would be sleazy

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 producer, writer, and host Joe Votruba. Any opinions expressed are his own.

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