There are many brave, dedicated teachers teaching our children in New Jersey. They follow a long tradition of excellence here in the state over the history of our state. Times have changed and so has the focus of some teachers. Their union, the all-powerful NJEA, likes to say their focus is on the children, it's all about the kids.

To some, that is the absolute truth that keeps them coming back to the classroom, day after day, year after year to do what they love with the kids they love — ours! Sadly, it's become apparent in district after district that the focus is on the union members and whatever hysterical entity with the most power and the least courage.

Whether it be the superintendent who's counting the days to his permanent taxpayer funding vacation or the fringe radicals in the union who can't be subjected to the invisible monster that studies have shown won't get them in the classroom.

This past Monday, Montclair schools were set to open on a hybrid schedule but they announced Friday that they can't get enough teachers to come in. What would a private business do if the workers refused to come in? You know what'd they do and they'd have every right and reason to do it. But with the NJEA, like most public unions, that ain't happening and you can go bleep yourself if you think anybody there cares what we think.

Multiple studies show it's safe to resume school but when this all ends, will parents opt for something else? They should have a long time ago. We're still teaching kids based on an 18th century model of education despite enormous advances in technology and tremendous impediments in execution thanks to a unionized, government-run schools that don't do the job they could.

So, maybe parents will see where the real focus is at public school and also see that alternatives have and will turn up thanks to the pandemic that will hopefully drastically change and improve education once and for all.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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