Anyone who listens to my show knows that I'm all for legalizing marijuana and have been for years. However when it comes to public smoking, I have to say no. My reason is very simple, not all public smokers want to get high, nor should they be subjected to a contact high. By the way, do you miss the contact high you used to get at concerts? Didn't they make the bands sound better? Some more than others, but I digress.

As we get closer and closer to marijuana legalization in New Jersey, the powers that be are now contemplating the conditions. Ken Wolski, executive director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana, who said he hopes the legislation adds conditions under which public use of marijuana would be allowed. Wolski tells NJ1015 that that banning public use and limiting the marijuana consumption to private homes “just penalizes people for being poor.” For instance, homeless people would have nowhere to smoke it. People in subsidized housing could be kicked out for doing it.

First off, if you're poor or homeless, how are you affording weed? If you're in subsidized housing, how are you explaining buying weed? If someone's tax dollars were paying for my home, I would not be complaining that I couldn't smoke weed. If you can afford to buy the weed, surely you can afford to smoke it in your own home. If that's a problem, go to another form of consumption, like say brownies or gummie bears.

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