Late-night cravings are my absolute kryptonite. I have a big problem controlling myself when it comes to craving a food at night.

And I know it’s not even healthy to eat right before you go to bed.

That hasn’t stopped me for whatever reason.


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But what has stopped me is how expensive delivery apps can be. It feels like it’s my saving grace.

Now typically, if I have a late-night craving I eat something already in the house. But let me take you back to this past week.

I have a craving for a lobster roll. I know that’s an expensive craving to begin with.


I search it up in a delivery app, and the lobster roll comes to $35 on its own. That’s without fees, delivery fees, tips, etc.

Now as I proceed with my order, I see that my total comes out to be $65 after fees and tips are included. I mean how ludicrous is this?

The food I’m ordering is $35 and the tip plus fees comes out to another $30 on top of that? Delivery apps have become far too expensive. I canceled the order as soon as I saw how much it was going to be.


And believe me, I used to work for tips. I’ve worked in the service industry. It’s not a fun business and I commend the people who do those jobs. But I can’t give you my money when it gets this out of hand.

Needless to say, my late-night cravings will stay in-house from now on. I’m no longer trying to order them from an app.

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