After emerging from a massive winter bonfire in Morris County, a stray kitten is expected to make a full recovery. The small cat was rescued Sunday from flames at the annual Twelfth Night Celebration Christmas tree bonfire in Mendham Borough.

On Monday, Randolph Regional Animal Shelter posted an update on the newly named Firecat. The 13-week old kitten is under medical care.

"The prognosis looks good. He is on oxygen, drops in eyes and IV fluids. His fur was burned but the skin is good," the shelter said.

On its Facebook page, the borough fire department said that during the several hours that were spent building the discarded tree pile, no one had seen the cat.

The narrow rescue came months after a feline close call at Raceway Park. A monster truck show at the Middlesex County venue ground to a halt in September when a kitten jumped from one of the junk cars being crushed. The kitty, christened Show Stopper, was quickly adopted by a spectator at the event.

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