Some young people (and their parents) are trying to spread a little happiness in the Wildwoods as a reaction, in part, to the pandemic. The group paints seashells and puts a positive message on them and then hides them around town for others to see.

In a story from 6 ABC Philadelphia, a mother of three of the girls involved, Carmen Cusella, says she created a Facebook group, “Wild & Free” to create a community that would join in the shell painting and, hopefully, raise peoples’ spirts. She told 6 ABC, "Kindness is free, so we're able to spread a little love and creativity during this stressful time.”

According to their Facebook page: What started as a rainy day project for my kids has turned into our attempt to reach out during this social separation to our friends and community in an effort to spread love, creativity, and kindness; similar to “Kindness Rocks” movement. We simply painted seashells collected from our beach walks & “hid” them throughout our seashore town for others to find.

The group asks people to paint empty shells and add a “G” rated message of kindness and then hide the shells around the Wildwoods for others to find. Of course, there are rules like not taking inhabited shells or take them from other people’s property; they also ask that you not decorate them with anything that could come off (like googly eyes) to prevent littering. They also ask that you don’t hide them on private property or where a lawnmower might run over them. For a complete list of the suggestions.

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