Only in New Jersey could you buy a nickel bag with nothing in it. That's what will happen when Governor Murphy signs a bill that will impose a fee of 5 cents for every plastic and paper bag handed out to shoppers. It barely escaped the budget compromise but that doesn't mean it's not happening. After all Governor Murphy never met a tax he didn't like. probably tell you, 'It's the right thing to do." Everything he does is "the right thing to do." Just ask him.

The money to be raised by the fee, estimated to be more than $23 million, were earmarked for a lead abatement fund to be controlled by the state Department of Environmental Protection. So we're doing this to get the lead out? Or are we doing this to help the environment? I'm sure those creatures big and small who get trapped in these taxable bags will rest easy knowing they didn't die for nothing.  BTW- How does a paper bag hurt the environment?

The move here is for the stores to pick up the tax on the bags. It's worth it for them considering the money they're going to make from what's in the bag, to pay the money for the bag. Besides, who wants to carry around their own bags, which will also need to be washed and maintained. Maybe the bags will replace the cash they don't want us carrying around? Then again the state is doing it's best to relieve us of that money.

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