As we've done for the past eight years, every Friday is a time to reflect and honor law enforcement heroes.

This week, we're honoring an organization that provides direct financial support to families of federal law enforcement when a law enforcement officer is injured or killed in the line of duty. This is especially important this week as we watch the border crisis worsen.

The crisis is with the expiration of "Title 42," which is expected to lead to a huge influx of illegals over an already flooded southern border. We're already in trouble with an estimated 13,000 illegals coming over daily. The White House send troops and federal law enforcement officers to the border recently in anticipation of a wider problem.

The goal of the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation is to honor and provide financial support for "fallen and wounded heroes in Federal Law enforcement and their immediate families in time of need."

It's a charitable humanitarian organization that is not political in any way. The great thing about this group is that similar to the heroes they support, they respond quickly. Financial support reaches families within 24-48 hours of a report that a hero is down.

On Monday, I'll be speaking at an event supporting FEHSF at the Alpine Country Club. Board members Fred Schneiderman and Sharon Mahn joined me on the show to discuss the Foundation and the event.

If you'd like to join me on the trail at any point over the summer and going forward, most are free!

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