The latest ridiculous challenge to go viral across America is the bottle cap challenge. At least this one won't put you in the hospital like eating detergent pods or land you in jail doing something even dumber.

The challenge is to use some martial arts style reverse roundhouse kick to unscrew and send flying a bottle cap off a bottle. A ton of celebrities are suddenly doing it including actors, musicians, athletes, etcetera. No word yet on whether Justin Bieber has challenged Tom Cruise to the bottle cap challenge.

How did it all start? About a week back taekwondo god Farabi Davletchin from Kazakhastan (Borat voice..."he's the number 4 taekwondo god in all of Kazakhstan") posted this stunt on his Instagram and the rest is dumb history.

So we decided to see if our own producer Joe Votruba could do it. I held the bottle and the camera as he made several attempts. As you'll see it wasn't pretty. But at least no radio employees were harmed in the making of this video.

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