Merriam-Webster just added a whopping 840 new words to the dictionary. Some of them you may have a problem with.

You don't need to say adorable or favorite or random anymore. Now "adorbs", "fav" and "rando" are also recognized words. So is "avo" for avocado, "marg" for margarita and "guac" for guacamole.

"The addition of new words to a dictionary is a step in the continuous process of recording our ever-expanding language, "said Merriam-Webster in a statement.

Sure, but "TL;DR" as a word? Yes, that's shorthand for too long; didn't read and they made that a word. Ridiculous. Or should I just say "ridic" so I fit in? Years ago Merriam-Webster made the asinine decision to include a second definition of the word literally to mean "in effect, virtually, used in an exaggerated way to emphasize a statement or description that is not literally true or possible." In other words, because people made the mistake long enough of using the word literally instead of the word figuratively, they decided to make it its own legitimate word. Awful. I'm sorry, I mean "awf."

Whether they are real words or not, everybody has a word or phrase that drives them up a wall. You would think in a place like New Jersey that word might be "tax" or that phrase might be "double dipping", but no. We asked some listeners what their most hated word was and this is some of what was called in.

Vacay - Ben hates when people try to sound cool by shortening vacation.

Take-a-listen - Eileen says you hear this all the time on news channels when they're about to play a piece of audio.

Chillin' - Anna hates this, possibly because she's not chilling enough.

U-Scan - John says it drives him nuts when he hears me on-air use this term instead of saying self-checkout, but this is like the Band-Aid versus adhesive bandage debate.

Like - Lucy, like, she called to like say she like HATES it when, like, people use this word as like a crutch.

Merch - Vera wants to know what about merchandise was just too darn hard too say.

Get-go - Sheryl has hated the word get-go from the, well, get-go.

Panties - Dale has a problem with this word and doesn't quite know why.

Shrimps - Carolyn's blood pressure goes up when people pluralize things that shouldn't be, like deers.

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