It's amazing what you can find out about your co-workers by putting them on the radio! While talking about the "gig" economy and some of the outlandish things we in New Jersey have done to make ends meet, Jen Ursillo revealed that she was a "Hooters Girl."

"I was a Hooters girl way back in the day. I lasted a week, but I was horrible at serving," says Ursillo. "They were like, 'you're a cute chick but you can't serve to save your life!'" Why a Hooters Girl? "I did it on a dare because I was working in radio and we were doing an appearance there." When the owner asked if she'd like to do this on the side, Jen replied, "Sure, how hard can it be? I get to wear that cute little tank top and those shorts, no problem." So where are the pictures? "There's pictures, I KNOW there are pictures." When she brings them in, we'll definitely post them.

In New Jersey, it's not about what you're doing to make ends meet, but also what else you're doing! Here are some of the other outlandish things we've done for money...

Missy Alexander: Carlo Bellario: Chris Eastburn:

Francie Trout: "Drove the Tram Car on the Wildwood Boardwalk"

Kyle Rogulski: "Sold cigarettes"

David Hoeffel:

Ed Rufolo:
Paul Venier:

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