New York State residents love their bacon! But a brand sold across the state was just voted the worst bacon in America.

Walmart is one of America's favorite stores. Walmart has a store about 10 miles away from 90 percent of the United States.

Lately, it's been in the news for a number of reasons.

Walmart Forcing New York Customers To Stop Saving Some Money

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The company recently announced a move that cracks down on a cost-saving measure. This has upset many customers.

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Walmart Makes Huge Change That New York State Residents Will Love

The company also confirmed a major change that customers should love. You can find out more HERE.

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Recent Changes At Walmart's Across New York

As seen above, Walmart has made many recent changes, and it appears the company might want to change its bacon recipe.

Walmart operates nearly 100 stores across New York State.

Walmart-Brand Bacon Named Worst In America

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24/7 Wall Street named the "7 Bacon Brands To Avoid" and Walmart’s Great Value brand was named the worst.

The website reviewed seven different food websites, blogs, vlogs, and customer reviews directly from his store's website to craft the list.

Why Great Value Bacon Is Rated So Poorly


Great Value’s Hickory Smoked Bacon has just 2.3 stars (out of 5) on Walmart's website. Over 400 people gave the Walmart bacon just 1 star.

Some complain the bacon turned brown or gray well before the expiration dates. Others say the packaging was damaged.

Another customer said, "If you like 90% fat and 10% bacon, this is your pick.”

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Finally, bluntly stated "The WORST bacon I’ve ever purchased" adding "HIGHLY disappointed. Don’t buy this.”

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