The days of drinking water, soda, pop or juice from a plastic bottle may be over soon in New York State after a recent report about their safety.

There seems to always be some sort of discussion about the future of plastic bottles here in New York. Whether it is about a lawsuit aimed at drink manufacturers like Coca-Cola, or about the increase in the price of deposit or the fears over their safety, you have to wonder if New York State wants them gone altogether?

The latest fear that has been unlocked is due to what it inside the plastic that makes up the bottle.

Average plastic bottle of water contains 240,000 nanoplastics particles, study finds

Are these causing any harm to people? The AP reports that issue is still being looked at.

We don’t know if it’s dangerous or how dangerous,” said study co-author Phoebe Stapleton, a toxicologist at Rutgers. “We do know that they are getting into the tissues (of mammals, including people) … and the current research is looking at what they’re doing in the cells.”

It was not that long ago that some lawmakers in New York State wanted to ban plastic bottles from parks.

In 2021, Spectrum reported that:

New York state Assemblywoman Pat Fahy wants to take steps toward reducing that waste, part of a broader push in recent years to curtail plastic junk on streets and sidewalks.

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