Are people getting another stimulus check in New York State? When is the next $1,400 being sent out to residents in New York State?

These have been some of the most searched questions the past couple of days in New York State. There have been some claims that the governement is sending out more stimulus checks. In fact, some of the reports have said it is only certain states that are sending out a 4th stimulus check.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and not true. The government and no states are giving out a 4th stimulus check in New York State. According to

The federal government is not releasing another round of stimulus money, the Internal Revenue Service confirmed. The IRS issued three rounds of such payments during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. The last one went out nationwide nearly two years ago.

The last stimulus check went out nearly two years ago and there has not been another stimulus-related check to residents since.

If you are looking for any money that you can take advantage of in New York State, you have only a few days left to make sure that you are registered for the New York Stare STAR Tax benefit. You only have until the end of December to sign up for the STAR check that can give eligible residents in New York State relief from their school tax bill. The check is yearly and you only have to register once to get it every year. If you want a check in 2023 you have to sign up by the end of December. On average the checks will come in the mail or direct deposit and are over $700. Checks take about 30 days to process, per the New York State Taxiation Department when we called to inquire.

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