Sunday ushered in Day One of a late June heat wave in the Garden State. Highs are expected in the 90’s through Wednesday. The National Weather Service is warning of humidity combined with high temperatures and calling for extra hydration and limiting your time outdoors.

And I wonder, should I do it? The past few summers it has become routine to do one hour on the show during a heatwave challenging listeners to call in with an “it’s sooo hot” joke to see if they could get me to crack.

You see, much like bumper stickers, I’m somehow dead inside to these jokes. I almost never find them funny. And I’ve promised (and made good on) sending anyone who manages to get even a chuckle out of me $20 for their effort.

There are only two that ever got me. I’ll put those at the end. But first, all the ones that didn’t.

It’s so hot illegal immigrants are actually requesting ICE.

It’s so hot Gov. Murphy said, “It’s hot! Period! Full stop!”

It’s so hot chickens in Sussex County are laying hard-boiled eggs.

It’s so hot stripper’s breast implants are melting.

It’s so hot Democrats are lowering taxes.

It’s so hot Gov. Christie is getting the hell off the beach.

It’s so hot the crackheads are putting the copper back in the air conditioners.

It’s so hot the elderly are moving back to New Jersey.

It’s so hot Phil Murphy looks cool by comparison.

It’s so hot Trenton just raised taxes on thermometers.


Now the two that actually got me in the past.

It’s so hot I’m sweating like R. Kelly at a P.T.A. meeting.


It’s so hot I accepted a drink from Bill Cosby.

Maybe we’ll do another round this heatwave. Stay tuned.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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