It never ceases to sadden me a little when I see retail stores closing. I kinda miss the old days, before Amazon.

And it seems like the bad news for retail will never end. I thought that after the massive wave of retail closings that happened during and immediately after COVID-19, we had finally made it to a place where things would calm down.

It seemed like every store that had been on life-support finally closed and we were in a new, more streamlined retail environment with things at least a little bit more settled. But unfortunately, it seems like the dominoes continue to fall. Just last week Dan Alexander from New Jersey 101.5 reported that Christmas Tree Shops in New Jersey were all officially slated to close.

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Google Maps

The report said that Handil Holdings, the owners, would close all 10 locations in New Jersey after the company defaulted on a loan as part of its bankruptcy deal.

The report also said that stores could close as early as Thursday. Well, the time has come.

Liquidation sales at Christmas Tree Shops

Liquidation sales have begun, with the aim to close all stores by the end of August, probably to avoid rent payments for September.

If you check the official Christmas Tree Shops website, you’ll now find the site was updated to clearly state they are closing all stores and discount sales have started, with a goal to empty the stores of all merchandise.

“Store Closing” signs are up on the front doors already as well as throughout the store.
As usually happens with these types of sales, they start at 10% off, and as the weeks go by, further slash prices.

The good news is, you may be able to get a great deal there now. The bad news is obvious.

Is this the end of the retail apocalypse as we know it? Only time will tell.

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