July 31 is "National Mutt Day" a day we honor millions of mixed breed dogs in shelters across New Jersey and the United States waiting for you to take them in.

I've been fortunate enough to have had three different mutts in my lifetime. My first was "Abbey" who was a mix of black labrador-basenji, which is a breed of African hunting dog.

Abbey loved roaming the streets and was quickly adopted by the different neighborhoods I lived in in Old Bridge, Eatontown, East Windsor, and finally Roosevelt. She was very friendly and the kids used to come to my door and ask if she could come out and play. Many a night, I'd come home from work and find food at my door that my neighbors left for her.

Ziggy, was a mix of "Austrailian cattle dog" and terrier. The friendliest dog you'd want to meet and he was always trying to escape from the house so that he could meet you! In fact, Ziggy cost me about $5,000 dollars in various fencing to keep him in, not to mention a doggie psychologist to see why he barks so much.

Then came Fluffy, a "maltichon" which is a combination maltese-bichon frise. Fluffy is not only a great dog and my kids love him, but he's great at picking football games. Look for "Fluffy's Football Forecast" again this year on New Jersey 101.5.

So now tell us about your mutt! In fact, send us a picture and we'll share it with our listeners and followers! You can tweet us @NJ1015 or on our app.

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