Well, kinda.

In the past few days, people across New Jersey (and the nation) have been putting up Christmas lights, to spread some joy at these...difficult times.

Regular readers of my articles here at nj1015.com know that each Christmas season, there is a "friendly" Christmas lights competition in my neighborhood.

"Cornershow Bob" and "FedEx Pat" light up the night sky.

Wednesday afternoon, "Cornershow Ginni" called Deminski and Doyle...and then posted on social media:

"Well guys. If you just were listening to 101.5, I called in and had a great convo with Deminsky and Doyle about putting up the Xmas lights right now to keep our minds off of Corona.

Bobby had no idea why I was standing there until he heard and now “Ginni from Hillsborough”.

He almost fell off the couch.

We talked about him being Cornershow Bob on the Craig Allen blog...that was fun.

Let you guys know if we turn on any lights."

As you can see, the lights are on.

There's no word (yet) about any "Friendly Christmas Lights Competition" in the merry month of March.

Have you been "stringing up the lights?"

Where have you seen Christmas lights blazing, in New Jersey?

And please click here to see Cornershow Bob and FedEx Pat 's displays "in season."

"Old Glory" in lights. (Craig Allen photo).
"Old Glory" in lights at "Cornershow's" place. (Craig Allen photo).

We'll all get through this together.

Thanks for spreading the Jersey joy, Bob and Ginni.

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