I've written about this "friendly competition" here at nj1015.com for quite a few years.

My whole neighborhood loves when "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob"..."string up the lights." (for earlier pictures and story, click here).

"FedEx Pat" puts up his entire display over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

"Cornershow Bob" is a different story...

Hey, Cornershow..."it's cold outside." (Craig Allen photo).

...here he is, stringing up MORE lights at 10pm Friday night, in the blustery, 20 degree Jersey COLD. That's dedication.

"We wish you the merrriest...the merriest." (Craig Allen photo).

As I leave "Cornershow Bob" to his handiwork...I tell him to be careful on the ladder. And, put on a warmer jacket.

Lets check out...

Rudolph and his "wonderful nose." (Craig Allen photo).

...some of his on-going labor of Christmas love.

I found Bob Seger's "Little Drummer Boy." (Craig Allen photo).

There's so much to see in "Cornershow Bob" (and "Cornershow Ginni's") yard...

Wait, how did you get over here, Rudy? And, you went gift shopping. (Craig Allen photo).

...on this "Silent Night"...

Check out the bear...bearing a gift. (Craig Allen photo).

..in my wonderful, cheery neighborhood.

The lights, both color and white, are everywhere. (Craig Allen photo).

There is so much "Christmas Spirit" to see, here on the corner.

Can you say: "New Year's Eve Ball Drop?" (Craig Allen photo).

And "Cornershow Bob" promises more before Christmas Day.

Keep it coming, "Cornershow(s)."

FedEx Pat's display, as seen from the Cornershow display. (Craig Allen photo).

In my neighborhood, and across the miles thanks to nj1015.com, everyone loves this yearly "friendly Christmas lights competition."