This is a big deal.

George Norcross, the famous South Jersey Democrat political boss and power broker, being indicted on criminal corruption charges, would have been unheard of just a few years ago.

People on our radio station like Jim Gearhart have talked about him for decades as an immovable political force in New Jersey politics. He seemed untouchable no matter what people thought of his political maneuverings.

Boy, how times have changed.

He never gained the favor of Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy, who seemingly saw him as an oily, unelected political animal that Murphy had no time or use for.

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Say what you will about Murphy and his insane destructive policies, but he's a Boy Scout in the world of New Jersey politics. He bought his governor's seat fair and square with his own money.

The Democrats have been in power in Trenton for a long time, absent an occasional Republican governor here and there. But most of the levers of government are solidly in the hands of Democrats in this state and probably will remain that way for a while to come.

So, why would the Democrat attorney general go after a powerful South Jersey Democrat "boss" near the end of Murphy's term?


That question would lead many skeptics who've followed New Jersey politics to contemplate and speculate.

Most of AG Platkin's moves have been nonsense, woke, virtue-signaling bull****. So why do the right thing now and go after political corruption that has gone unchecked for decades?

It could be to make sure Norcross is neutered and incapable of wielding any influence in upcoming state elections. It could also pave the way for Platkin to run for governor himself, claiming to be the white knight who cleaned up New Jersey's dirty politics.


As usual in New Jersey politics, there is more to this than meets the eye. What exactly is behind finally going after a notorious political bully in the state, no one can say for sure at the moment.

I will say I did like Norcross's ballsy move of sitting in the front row of the press conference announcing his indictment and staring Platkin down. He then called him a bunch of names and acted more defiantly than a Mafia capo. Good Jersey stuff. Stay tuned.

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