My wife Jodi and I have been making our way across the state for the past few weeks meeting people and talking about empowering Garden State parents. The schedule has been hectic but important and we're just getting started.

Bill Spadea at the Town and Country Inn in Keyport
Bill Spadea at the Town and Country Inn in Keyport

This week we have events from Monmouth County to Sussex County and everywhere in between. One of the great opportunities with the schedule, besides the important work of fighting for NJ residents, is finding restaurants to take a pause and enjoy a meal to fuel up.

Thai food is a Spadea family favorite. The sauces, the ingredients, and for us, the heat! This week we found a great Thai restaurant on the way home from a Town Hall. It's called Thai Ginger and it's located in Robbinsville/Trenton.

Wow. Delicious. Great service, great food. We ordered the wings, called "Kai Zabb" and a beef curry dish with a shrimp dish.

The heat is something Thai food is known for and the wait staff warned us. They rate the heat 1 through 4 with 4 being "Thai Hot." I settled on a "3" for me and my wife's beef dish came with a sauce that rated "2." It was hot for sure, not gonna lie, had some sweat building on the top of my head after only a few bites. But as a proud member of the clean plate club, I finished the meal. It was late so I didn't eat any of the accompanying rice, so the heat wasn't cut by anything!

Hot sauce on a table
Dejan Markovic

Now the challenge is on. My son is coming home from San Diego next week and it's gonna be one of our first stops. He loves heat and I will have to challenge him to a "4". My wife thinks we're crazy but I think it's worth it.

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