A lot of people are very upset with the Trenton Farmers’ Market employee whose tirade against a customer was caught on video. And it was over the top, but does that mean it wasn’t justified? I don’t know much about the back story here, other than that the worker complained about customers coming by “the bus load” and arguing about prices.

My wife has an occasional part time job and one of her main complaints is that customers hammer her on prices over which she has no control (corporate sets the prices and determines which items are on sale). When told this, they often demand a coupon, a coupon that wasn’t important enough to clip or print out before they left.

I am not saying that what the worker said was acceptable; her profanity alone is grounds for dismissal. What I am saying is that some people in the world are jerks and they buy things, and that means they are jerk customers. Sometimes they need to be called out on it.

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