LAWRENCEVILLE — A worker at a Trenton Farmers Market vendor caught on video attacking a woman who called her out about how she treated a customer has been fired. Her employer, meanwhile, says it will still pay for the worker's anger management course.

The two-minute video was shared on Facebook on Tuesday because the worker was still on the job a month after the incident.

"Trenton Farmers Market has had ample time to take action. This happened about a month ago & despite complaints, this woman is still working in that location, which is unacceptable. We will see what happens now," a message accompanying the video says. It was not clear who took the video.

The video opens with an elderly woman of color being told by the white worker in a slightly irritated voice not to sign a piece of paper using the Cranberry Hall Farm stand. The woman taking the video asks, "Can you just not talk to her that way? Why are you being so rude?"

As the elderly woman continues to sign her paper, the discussion quickly gets heated.

"You're not here when they come they come in," the worker says as the videographer asks who she meant by "they."  She later explains that these customers come to the Farmer's Market by the busload and argue over prices.

Seconds after the conversation begins, the worker then comes around to the front of the stand and grabs the phone. "Don't f---in' tell me how to do my job," she says.

The two argue over who the worker meant by "they" and her treatment of customers. The worker then screams, "I'm not going to let this f---king bitch come in my face and talk s--t to me about my f---kin' job."

The customer calmly responds with, "Everyone take a look at this. I'm defending someone," as the worker continues to rant.

"All I'm saying is don't talk to her like that," the customer says.

The worker screams back, "You're f--king wrong. You're wrong. You don't work in this market ... don't f---ing get in my face and (inaudible) me. Megan, I swear to God I'm going to kill this bitch."

Another woman calmly tells her, "It's not worth it," as the worker continues screaming. Her voice trails off and then she stops before the video ends.

The Farmer's Market on its Facebook page said its Board of Directors told the vendor that the worker could no longer work the stand.

"The board apologizes to anyone and everyone for her unacceptable behavior, and further wants all to know that any conduct of that nature will not be tolerated at The Trenton Farmers Market. We value and appreciate all of our customers," they wrote.

Cranberry Hall Farm on its Facebook page says it does not share the views of the worker and that a meeting was held "with everyone involved."

"During this meeting, it was agreed that this individual clearly needs guidance in anger management and cultural sensitivity. This employee would attend counseling at the expense of Cranberry Hall Farms," read their post.

The Cookstown-based company wrote that initially the woman was going to remain on the payroll but was ultimately fired. However, they will pay for her anger management classes.

"It is our hope that in giving someone the education and counseling that will provide cultural understanding, we can make a small step forward in the tolerance and compassion we all deserve," the company wrote.

The identity of the worker was not disclosed in the video.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been updated to reflect that it is not clear who took the video.

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