Had a great conversation with listener Enrique and his son Aiden the other day. He had called me out on Twitter for being negative on a particular morning.

My thought is this, my job is to bring to life to things that make you mad and talk about them! Unfortunately, what we see more of is people suppressing the anger and not voting, giving up on New Jersey and planning the exit.

As far as positive, yes, we celebrate food, local Jersey activities, great charities and of course the incredibly positive contribution of Law Enforcement to our communities. As far as politicians, there isn't a whole lotta positive going on in Trenton. So we fight back. We talk about what the biggest problems and obstacles are for working and middle class families and we brain storm solutions.

My takeaway from the conversation with Enrique and Aiden is that I'm honored that they are listening everyday and Enrique is setting an outstanding example for his son by staying positive and having the courage of his convictions by calling in and calling me out!

Way to go Enrique. You're a fortunate kid, Aiden. What do you think? Am I positive or negative?

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