You heard Jim talking about this story earlier this morning. Field Station Dinosaurs, the new family attraction in Secaucus, has implemented a 'environmental impact fee' or at least that's the creative name for the fee if you want to drive there.The $10 fee that is supposed to help Secaucus' "green" initiative,but it sounds as if the green initiative, will be the color of the cash they'll be collecting from anyone who drives to see the dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs at Laurel Hill Park is located in an area of the Meadowlands District where commercial parking fees and not allowed.

So you want to collect parking fess anyway? Just come up with a creative title! Jim spoke with Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli about this morning and mayor Gonnelli explained their reasoning for the fee. You can listen to the audio here:


So what do you think? Just a creative title or are Secaucus officials really trying to help protect the environment? Leave your comments below.