You might ask yourself how a woman could get pregnant in an all-female prison. Well, it isn't an all-female facility if you allow biological males with functioning penises in with the female prison population.

Two female inmates have been impregnated by a fellow inmate who is a transgender prisoner at a "women's" prison in Hunterdon County.

The Edna Mahan Correctional Facility confirmed this week that the pregnancies were caused by a transgender inmate. There are over 800 inmates at the jail and 27 of them are transgender.

It is certainly understandable that the state would want to show compassion for people who claim to be of another gender to be comfortable, even as they pay their debt to society for breaking the law. But shouldn't a level of common sense be applied as well?

Just as the NCAA and the University of Pennsylvania allowed a biological male to compete in female swimming competitions.

Lea Thomas was ranked 554 as a male swimmer two years ago and this year she was ranked fifth as a female competitor in one event and 65th as a male in another event and FIRST in that event as a female. This is making a mockery of women's sports and the young women who worked all their young lives to compete with other females.

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The people making these decisions may be well-intentioned and compassionate but are utter fools. You can claim to be whatever gender you want, but when it comes down to biology and nature, you is what you is.

The current leaders in our society will be proven to be the biggest fools in history. In an effort to not offend or not be canceled they are led by their emotions and not rational thought.

We wish these pregnant women well but as you know our well-wishes come with a hefty price tag of pre-natal care and, of course, 18 years of payments from you and me.

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