OK I swore I wouldn’t do it. When my son said he was going to adopt a kitten I said “Ewww! you KNOW I hate cats!!!” He swore to me that this was going to be the cutest kitten I ever saw and that I would actually like it. I repeated, “There is no way I could like a cat!”

So he tested the waters, sending me a few photos of her nestling up against him and still, I wasn’t going to budge. Then, some videos of her purring contentedly arrived and I started to soften. And, well, you know the rest.. the unexpected happened. I started to not hate cats. (Well, at least this one.)

In fact, I decided to start LIKING this one. Now let’s not get crazy. I’m still not a cat person. But I have to admit that as cats go, this one is a cutie. Since I never post my human grandkids, I decided i’m going to have to be one of those nauseating people that posts my “grand-kitty.”

Introducing, the only cat I have ever liked, Sesame.

Judi Franco photo
Judi Franco photo

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