When Candice Benbow found she had a noisy neighbor, she took a unique approach to resolving what could have been a tricky situation.

Rather than making a fuss or calling the police, Benbow decided to bake her neighbor a cake.

Benbow shared the tale of the cake on Twitter, and the thread has been shared across the country.

"When you come home every evening and blast music, I've come to expect it," she said in a letter to the neighbor, whose name she did not know. "Sometimes it's a song I hadn't heard in a while and I appreciate the throwback. Other times, it's something I've never heard before and I've been able to google a few lyrics and add it to my weekly playlist."

Benbow's letter tracks the course of the night from before 3:30 in the morning until just after 4 a.m.. She said it was at 3:30 when she decided to bake the neighbor a pound cake.

"I realized I was taking your feelings into much more consideration than you were taking mine," she said. "I hope that changes — especially since I'm only three months into a 13 month lease."

After delivering the cake when nobody was home, Benbow said she noticed later in the day that the cake was gone. That same night she noted on the Twitter feed that the music was "THE LOWEST IT HAS EVER BEEN!" with the hashtag #PrayerAndPoundCakeWork.

Three days later, Benbow shared a picture of herself and her neighbor, Tommy.

"He's so freaking cool! He apologized for the noise, promised to invite me to the next party and most importantly ... HE SAID MY POUND CAKE WAS AMAZING!" she said.

The neighbor was identified as Tom Amaro, according to NJ.com. Benbow said in her feed that Amaro is a music producer, which she said explained the wide variety of music. Since the two have met they have also been on a media tour, including appearing on "Inside Edition" and in her hometown Winston-Salem Journal. Benbow said on Twitter that she was pitching their story as a possible holiday movie.

"It was just beautiful because if it was another neighbor, they would've at least tried to call the cops on me, try to knock me out and this was like, it was cool," Amaro told "Inside Edition."

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