To help addicts deal with the next step after surviving an overdose, Camden County College will begin training recovery specialists, many of whom have been down the recovery road themselves.

College President Don Borden said those who've been through recovery understand the consequences of failing to get someone coming off an OD immediate help.

The plan is "immediate counseling, triage, and getting them on the road to a recovery program that gives them a possibility of breaking that cycle."

There's often a significant lapse between making it through an OD and connecting with services, if it happens at all, Borden said.

He said CCC will roll out a 15-week certification course to train those who want to help,

"I am just proud of the fact the partnership between the County College and our county government, to try to address this tremendous need," Borden said. "A lot of other individuals that go into that program are family members or friends. .. people that have been touched by addiction, and have a similar level of commitment."

The program will likely begin this summer or fall.

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