Camden County College has been giving potential high school dropouts another shot at diplomas with its Transition to College program

College Executive Dean Margo Venable said the program partners with six South Jersey high schools to help these at-risk students stay the course.

"This is a real second chance for them to complete their high school diploma, and either get post-secondary education or workforce training," she said.  "It is a real partnership between the college and the school districts in the county."

She said CCC collaborates with guidance officials and curriculum experts at the school, and they identify students who may have attendance issues or show other signs they may not complete high school.

Retired educators and current teachers both work in the program.

Venable said the program covers all of Camden County and some schools beyond it.

"Over the last six years, it is probably close to 500 students that have obtained their high school diploma," she said. "They get everything that they would get in high school. We meet the same curriculum standards that they use in the high school. They take the PARCC testing as well. And they actually will get their high school diploma from their sending school district."

Venable said the college also has a similar program, Gateway to College, which services school districts in Camden City and Pennsauken.

In many cases, the program also helps students prepare for college.

"One student had about 12 credits. So he had one semester, fully completed, while he also was graduating high school. So you can see, it is a real jump start for education for in the future as well," Venable said.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5.

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